Malanico has a clear vision of the future. The name Malanico perfectly reflects the corporate story with the brand values large, leader, different, professional, and international.

Consumer purchasing behaviour is changing. The market will have to further develop itself in the coming years, both online and offline. The chain will have to structure itself more efficiently to meet the changing demands of the industry (faster, better and cheaper). This is only possible through consolidation of the market, horizontally and vertically. By offering various distribution models, we unburden the manufacturers and retailers/e-tailers and we create the necessary scale to become the distribution centre of choice for the Netherlands and Belgium.

By applying the one-stop shop delivery concept for both food and non-food, Malanico strives to be the optimal link between manufacturer and retailer/e-tailer. By unburdening these parties, they can focus on their core business, which is manufacturing, marketing and sales. In this partnership, we realise consolidation benefits and translate these to a win-win model.

Growth and development
Malanico is originally a family company with a flat, compact organisation. Our firm work ethos and ambitious commitment form the base of the realised growth. Since the arrival of the 3rd management generation, the company has further developed in recent years, especially in the following areas: professionalism, delegating responsibilities, size, and innovative computerisation. The company culture has changed and we have grown into a professional organisation, focused on returns with a strong external orientation.

Magazijn Malanico
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