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Malanico Ltd. has traditionally been located in Dalfsen, beneath the smoke of Zwolle. In 1938, the family company Gebroeders Mol was started, established by 3 brothers active in egg trading and in supplying cattle feed to farmers in the wider area. In the ‘70s, the first warehouse on the Koe alley in Dalfsen became too small and investments were made for a larger building. During these years, the 2nd generation joined the company. 1978 was a rough year for Gebroeders Mol due to the rise of bulk transport for the increasingly large farm companies. Until the late ‘80s, egg trading was an important part of the company, but 1982 saw the start of the pet food market, and the decision was made to include pet food in the product range in addition to eggs. In order to become a larger regional player, the first representative was hired in the late ‘90s.

By then, the third generation had joined the family company and partly took over the company in 2001. The name Gebroeders Mol pet feeders was changed to Mol pet food Ltd. in 2002. In 2003, the building on the Wilhelmina Street in Dalfsen had become too small and the company relocated to De Vesting in Dalfsen. This warehouse was expanded in 2006, but even this expansion turned out insufficient, in part due to taking over distribution for Holland Diervoeders, and the next relocation became a fact. Since 2011, the company is located at Evenboersweg 1 in Nieuwleusen and has a warehouse of over 10,000m², including an internal cold store of 250m².

In 2013, we expanded our services package. The newest technology has been applied to our distribution centre, allowing us to offer services such as crossdocking, e-fulfilment and drop shipping. By expanding our services, we have become active in other industries in addition to the pet food industry.

Since 2014, we have, together with our transporter MDI logistics, partnered with Beeztees, a brand specialised in toys and accessories for pets. We are now a full-range supplier in the market, with a wide range of food and non-food products. The family company has changed a lot, new generations made their entry, we have grown and become professional, but our service is still old-fashioned good!

Starting 2016, we provide the distribution of pet food and supplies on the Belgian market. The growth of the company and its internationalisation led to the change of the company name from Mol pet food to Malanico. The name Malanico reflects the current modern character and the presence of this company as a player on the domestic and international market of distribution.