Natuurboerderij Lindenhoeve Dalfsen Malanico

Mol diervoeding feels socially involved, which is why we have supported the Nature Farm in Dalfsen for over 10 years by donating pet food and other supplies for animals. Orders are regularly processed and picked up by the nature farm. We support the farm with multiple products for various kinds of animals, such as rabbits, horses, sheep, goats, deer, chickens and guinea-pigs.

The nature farm ‘Lindenhoeve’ is a farm established by Dalfsen society. The farm is located at a beautiful spot with a pond and a large garden among the meadows. They also have partnerships with Philadelphia, Observatory Het Vechtdal and bee association Oudleusen. A number of the clients from Philadelphia works at the farm under supervision from Monday to Friday. They help caring for the animals, feeding them, clean the stables and maintaining the garden and the terrain. In this way, nature farm ‘Lindenhoeve’ provides space for people with a handicap.