E-pakbon leverancier Valk Malanico

Valk Software and Mol diervoeding have joined efforts this month to realise a new electronic packing slip. This will make it easier for shopkeepers to manage their inventory. Once in stock, you can remain in stock by registering your received products. This is extra easy with the electronic packing slip from Mol diervoeding. This saves time in the shop that is better spent on helping your customers. Thanks to the net purchase prices on the slip, your margin overviews become even clearer.

How does the Mol diervoeding electronic packing slip work? The night before the delivery to the shop, the slip is readied automatically by Mol diervoeding. Valk Software collects it, translates the slip to a format you can read and puts it in your inbox. During the night time process, the packing slip is downloaded automatically and read into your cash register system. You do not have to do anything. So if you receive a shipment from Mol diervoeding today, the packing slip is already available for you. After checking it, it can be entered into your supply with the press of a button.

Should the packing slip not be available in your ProPOSS system, you can collect it through JDS and read it in. If you work with ASPOS, the packing slip will be available among your receipts. Should you prefer not to receive the electronic packing slip, that is no problem. Send an e-mail to artikelbeheer@valksoftware.nl stating you do not want to receive the electronic packing slip from Mol diervoeding and they will turn off the packing slip. For more information about the electronic packing slip, send an e-mail to support@valksoftware.nl, They are happy to advice you.