Sponsoring Wings of Change

Wings of Change sponsoring Malanico

The third charity that we will support in 2016 is Wings of Change. This foundation commits to supporting those people who fall through the cracks of present-day society, with its many budget cuts. The foundation offers many activities and work for the clients. This work includes, for example, looking after the horses, maintenance of the vegetable garden, and looking after and training birds of prey and owls. The treatment using birds of prey is unique in the Netherlands.

Company Volleyball

Dalvo volleybal Dalfsen

This year marked the 56th time that Dalvo organised the company volleyball tournament. The employees of Mol diervoeding also took part in this fun and sporting tournament. Due to many applications, we even entered 2 teams this year. After last year’s championship and following promotion to the highest division, this year would prove to be a challenge for team 1. The results were rather surprising, as last year’s promotion did not stop us from becoming the champion this year too! Overall, we have had many sporting and fun evenings where we really worked together as a team!