Sponsoring Animal Shelter Koningen

Dierenopvang Sponsoring Malanico

As mentioned before, Mol diervoeding will support multiple charities in 2016. Last time, we chose to sponsor Care Farm Molenzicht and this time we chose animal shelter Koningen in Balkbrug. The animal shelter accommodates dogs and cats, both strays as well as pets who can no longer stay with their owner for whatever reason. They provide the animals with a new and stable home, cooperate with a number of host families, and they have a large group of volunteers. We visited animal shelter Koningen last week and sponsored them with 200 kilos of dog food, which they appreciated very much!

Sponsoring Care Farm Molenzicht

Zorgboerderij Molenzicht Sponsoring

Since we feel socially responsible, we have decided to support multiple charities in 2016, either through products or through a sum. The first charity for the upcoming year that we supported with a sum is Care Farm Molenzicht in Zwolle.

Molenzicht is a cattle farm where participants with an impairment between the ages of 18 and 80 can help with the daily work activities. This can take place with the animals, on the land, in the greenhouse, at the bicycle mechanic, in the garden or via production work. It is not only important to work together and be active, but you can also just enjoy your time. Part of the participants has a non-inherent brain injury. There are also people receiving mental health care, people with a physical disability, elderly who visit the farm as participants, and youths with a large distance from the labour market. ‘Molenzicht is a place where everyone is free to be themselves, where we do not focus on disabilities, but on the possibilities to let a person bloom.’