Belgian market

Mol Belgische markt Malanico

Starting 1 January 2016, Mol diervoeding will also enter the Belgian market. Together with our logistic partner MDI logistics, who already supplies Beeztees in Belgium, we can serve all our customers with multiple delivery days per week. Our complete range of products is available for Belgium too, including Eukanuba, Euro Premium, Beaphar, Delin Nature, Whiskas, Supreme, Biokat’s, Almo, GimDog, Fokker, Chipsy and Hill’s. View all the brands in our product range here. Peter van Ongeval is our representative on the Belgian market and freely advises about our services and collaboration possibilities. We will show you who we are at the ‘Anido’ trade fair for the Pet Care industry in the Benelux and northern France late February 2016 and we would like to offer you the possibility to get to know us.

Participation GRS fair

Beurs GRS Malanico

On November 18 and 19, GRS Groenrijk will organise an in-house trade fair for the Groenrijk and GRS retail members. The theme of this November fair is garden shop & green. Mol diervoeding will present itself as preferred supplier during this fair. Together with a number of manufacturers such as Fokker, HDV, Supreme and Boteba, we present a selection from the core range of Groenrijk and GRS. Mol diervoeding is also represented on the novelty plaza with a number of new products from Hentastic.

Yearly warehouse inspection

Inspectie magazijn Malanico

Today, our warehouse has been inspected again by the Inspection Institute for Safe Warehouses (Keuringsinstituut Voor Veilige Magazijnen). KVVM is an independent inspection company that deals with warehouse safety. This inspection takes place yearly, in addition to our own periodical internal inspections, to check if our warehouse is still safe. It is important to us to meet all legal requirements and we take it a step further, so that we can offer a safe and optimal workplace for our employees. Multiple inspections take place, such as inspecting the various kinds of warehouse racking and floors. The inspection of the racking material is executed according to the current Dutch (Building Act and Working Conditions Act) and European regulations.

Mol diervoeding new supplier of Welkoop

Malanico leverancier Welkoop

Starting July 6, Mol diervoeding has become the new supplier of the frozen pet food range of Welkoop. The frozen food range consists of the following brands: Prins Total CareRodi, Energique, FarmFood Fresh, DUCK Food and BARFmenu. In addition to the frozen foods, we are also the supplier for Prins dry food, Cavom, Ecostyle and Whimzees.

Agri Retail is the organisation behind the 159 Welkoop stores in the Netherlands. At Welkoop, they understand garden & pets. They offer anything you need to enjoy your garden & pet. A broad range, professional advice, and service that goes the extra mile.

Over 10 years of donations to nature farm ‘Lindenhoeve’

Natuurboerderij Lindenhoeve Dalfsen Malanico

Mol diervoeding feels socially involved, which is why we have supported the Nature Farm in Dalfsen for over 10 years by donating pet food and other supplies for animals. Orders are regularly processed and picked up by the nature farm. We support the farm with multiple products for various kinds of animals, such as rabbits, horses, sheep, goats, deer, chickens and guinea-pigs.

The nature farm ‘Lindenhoeve’ is a farm established by Dalfsen society. The farm is located at a beautiful spot with a pond and a large garden among the meadows. They also have partnerships with Philadelphia, Observatory Het Vechtdal and bee association Oudleusen. A number of the clients from Philadelphia works at the farm under supervision from Monday to Friday. They help caring for the animals, feeding them, clean the stables and maintaining the garden and the terrain. In this way, nature farm ‘Lindenhoeve’ provides space for people with a handicap.

E-packing slip via Valk

E-pakbon leverancier Valk Malanico

Valk Software and Mol diervoeding have joined efforts this month to realise a new electronic packing slip. This will make it easier for shopkeepers to manage their inventory. Once in stock, you can remain in stock by registering your received products. This is extra easy with the electronic packing slip from Mol diervoeding. This saves time in the shop that is better spent on helping your customers. Thanks to the net purchase prices on the slip, your margin overviews become even clearer.

How does the Mol diervoeding electronic packing slip work? The night before the delivery to the shop, the slip is readied automatically by Mol diervoeding. Valk Software collects it, translates the slip to a format you can read and puts it in your inbox. During the night time process, the packing slip is downloaded automatically and read into your cash register system. You do not have to do anything. So if you receive a shipment from Mol diervoeding today, the packing slip is already available for you. After checking it, it can be entered into your supply with the press of a button.

Should the packing slip not be available in your ProPOSS system, you can collect it through JDS and read it in. If you work with ASPOS, the packing slip will be available among your receipts. Should you prefer not to receive the electronic packing slip, that is no problem. Send an e-mail to stating you do not want to receive the electronic packing slip from Mol diervoeding and they will turn off the packing slip. For more information about the electronic packing slip, send an e-mail to, They are happy to advice you.